Friday, April 15, 2011


Last Saturday. or was it Friday? Gah. I can't even remember, we decided to watch Rio 3D in Power Plant. (BTW, I like their 3D glasses better because when you put it on, the visual experience doesn't go a few shades darker. I always had that complain--that 3D movies tend to be gloomy. Now I know that the lens play a big part.) We've always watched movies in Greenbelt, but we relocated that time because Epoy was getting his reserved Cambridge two-toned batchel in Madison. Since the movie was still at 930pm and we were there already at 6, we decided to kill time by checking out the bazaar. Power Plant always has this kembot of having bazaars on the weekend at the tent, although I'd want to make uzi every weekend--since I'm always on the lookout for new labels/brands/products to feature anyway, I never have the time.

But that day we had freedom minutes. So off we went, pigging out on Costa Brava cakes while walking. The bazaars name was Coachella. Oddly disconcerting because Coachella for me will always be THE Coachella of L.A., it doesn't quite equate to any other association other than that. Sorry, =( Although I did get to see some nifty finds, Bijoux de Lou carried sooper cute accessories--

If theres a disturbance in the force, then it must be because of these Darth Vader and Storm Trooper rings.
Cutout watch anyone? It's for people who have 930 as a significant time in their life. Or you can use it as an excuse when you get pulled over for coding. "Boss, 930 na kaya."
And this Shark ring that AC found for me. Eeek, CUTE-teecle remover!
suitcase necklace
And a miniscule dictionary pendant--for those squinting dyslexic moments.
And it has a magnifying glass to match.
Eeeeek! Ang cute lang.
My menagerie.
And Epoy bought the Cat Skull piece from OS.
The too-cool OS brand carries accessories in Bone. You have the option to have yours with a bit of bloody muscle left in it. Charot! Heeh, of course not, its all synthetic polyurethane animal skull reproductions.
os lookbook17
Heres their other products.
os lookbook13
os lookbook12
os lookbook08
os lookbook06
os lookbook05
+632 916 209 5872

And don't forget to answer my challenge below! It closes at 12 noon on Sunday. =) TGIF!


Karla said...

Yours is the only local blog I read religiously! It's so candid and I love that your love for fashion is so genuine! :)

Hannah Bacalla said...

Thanks for sharing these awesome shops Daryl <3