Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Eeeeek, I soooper missed Issy! Fresh from New York and too busy to see me *pout*, we only touched base recently because her sister Jojo will be here for a three week vacation. A bit of history: When Issy and I were still single, we were each others wingwoman. We'd hit the town three times a week--mind you, not for boys--but to drink and dance. But we got into relationships around the same time so that killed big night outs, free time now is spent either catching up on sleep or having quiet dinners. Ugh. How boring. So this instant girls night was an interesting break in the pattern. It wasn't really hard to get back to my rhythm though, wear something short, add a touch of edge, and wear my highest heels. Bam! Grab, phone, credit card, car keys, and we're off!

Jojo and Issy both in love-their-own Eairth. I swear I look too pale when I'm beside the Dizons. Ugh.

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