Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I'm not Kikay. Period. I don't have a beauty regimen, (a constant disappointment for our contributing Beauty Editor Agoo, She worries about my skin more than i do. Heeh) and my makeup consists of foundation (for events), blush and lipstick. I don't own an eyelash curler, until i recently got a Chanel one as a gift. I don't do mascaras and I've only just recently discovered make-up removers. I'm that in the dark about these things, so it was more like a "hey--what do I have to lose" attitude when we went to Dr. Aivees clinic in Burgos Circle at the Fort. Initially, Vince wanted to do consultation and since I was a bit curious if there was anything she could do about these two dark spots in my face, i tagged along.

A brief history: I've never had peeling my whole life. Virgin skin. And I've only had a facial once. Yup, thats about it. I've tried diet pills and had my hair color changed more than I have been in a dermas clinic.

So to have this greet me once i stepped off the elevator was disarming. I thought i walked into a suite by mistake. I liked the fact that the clinic had a whole hotel vibe to it. Posh. Definitely upscale. And if she took time out to choose an aesthetically symmetric logo that's tasteful, then Im pretty sure the service would be equally up to par.
And the lobby in soft pinks.
In contrast, for my consultation, and eventually my treatment, I was led into this room that was clinically spotless, all future white with high-tech equipments. Impressed. Haha. Dr. Aivee recommended Fraxel for me, I didn't even know what that meant but in laymens terms, it was a kind of non-invasive procedure with lasers that makes these microscopic wounds so that it triggers the body's natural response to heal. In other words, the face is sort of given a push to renew itself. Not a lot of downtime but a lot of sunblock and cream needed for the healing. So, okay. GO! They had to put anesthesia cream on my face for 30 minutes, but the process itself only took around 15.

I learned something new about myself that day. My face puffed and rosy-ed right after the procedure, like being burned from staying in the beach all day-- and this was normal. Patients usually go straight home and recover--standard SOP. But i still went to meetings after that, even a movie at the end of the day. I would rather face people with an angry blush than go to an event underdressed. I put more concern on my sartorial uniform than how my face looked. Haha.

Sidetracked, but was it worth it? He'll yeah, my skin after two weeks, has this suppleness and freshness that's amazing. I want to go back for more!!

Took photos of Dr. Aivees on the job dress code. She was of course part of the Preview 2010 Best Dressed List. Loved the bangles.
Thanks for making that experience relatively easy and stress free Doc! I'll see you soon.

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Sophie said...

She's wearing the Balenciaga pants from S/S 2010 runway collection. It must be her favorite. It's now the month of September and I can't wait for the Prada baroque sunglasses to arrive. Would you know where she got her bangles? :-)