Monday, August 1, 2011


Goes to Ge! Wheee! Okay, i will try to pick a best dressed every week. Good luck nalang diba? I can't even update my blog weekly may pa best dressed, best dressed pa akong nalalaman. Eh bat ba. Basta, I like. I just wish i can photograph as much subjects as I can given my schedule. Waaaaah. But yes, I will try my bestest. *squinty eyed and determined*

Ge explains that his outfit is authentic vintage. Taken from his moms baul. I'm a fan of pattern on pattern and this is how you do it right. Pick a color and use that as a base to complement the top and bottom. Love that chain print on the trousers too, Chanel circa 90s?


Anonymous said...

Good day Ms. Darryl!

I am an avid reader of your blog, and am excited to see more of your Best Dressed choices!

Ms. Darryl may I just ask, where does your brother AC sell his shoes, such as the ones he made for F&H fashion show and the ones used in Preview? Usually Preview says they're from Pill, but I'm not sure if they're available at The Ramp.

Thank you and keep up the entertaining writing! :)

karla said...

love your posts! you're so funneh and stylish but nice! :)

Anonymous said...

hi daryl. i love the "slippers/sandals" of your best dressed this week..:)...where did he buy those?

Jmching said...

oh i know this guy he is Gerard, a manager from Zara, I don't know what store he is right now. but he is really a stylish guy.