Thursday, June 24, 2010


Piolo Pascual and menswear designer M Barretto.
Eeeek. I die. Sorry, pero diba naman! That smile was for me!!!! Eeek. hahaha. Backstage at the M's collection. His show explored a different concept from the usual runway setting. The models just trotted out, positioned themselves in a U formation, and stood still for 20 minutes. In a more intimate gathering, this would have worked, a sort of clothes on display like a gallery. But as it was a big crowd, I don't think the objective was achieved. The only thing it was able to do was, make the models more accessible to photo opportunists. We couldn't even see the pieces because the mob was so thick. Good thing Pauline, Preview's EIC, had the foresight to drag a team backstage to take a sort of lookbook snapshot of the clothes. Will post mine here after my article on M Barretto comes out this Saturday in Phil Star Supreme. In the meantime, Piolos photo will do. =)


Anonymous said...

"The only thing it was able to do was, make the models more accessible to photo opportunists."

My sentiments exactly. We cued for over an hour to a chairless venue. Instructions before the show would have been handy but what was more shocking than seeing tired editors sprawled when we entered were the opportunists who had their photographs taken with the shirtless models with matching V signs.

too bad the clothes didnt get the attention they deserved. a few pieces were note worthy, worksmanship pretty good, just thought a few of the pieces clothes reminded me of giordano concepts of two years ago.

just less than two cents.

(again, saw you at the exit on the M Baretto show, too shy. besides everyone seemed tired or rushing to penshoppe... cafe adriatico was calling that night)


KD faustino said...

i've always been team sam (milby) but when i saw piolo at the M. Baretto show...EEEEEKKKK!!!! i ran from the bleachers to see a more decent view! i am now a believer. HAHA!

cpsanti said...

oh shit, i am so envious ~ piolo >>> kileeeg! ;-)


all such sharp and great fashions
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Gayle is Volatile said...

Sorry to add to the commotion... but, OMG Piolo!! :)

ellenreviews said...

OMG! It's raining men! :D