Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Seriously. I havent bloged for a month? A MONTH? Dramatic lang. Haha. Sorry, I've just been swamped. But if you really want to know, you can actually see where all that time went. Grab a copy of Preview's June Anniversary Issue as it's the thickest one ever! Bang for your P140 bucks. 4 fashion editorials, the F/W 2010 Trend Report and Preview Men is there, our baby and the first ever! A lot of guys have been telling me that this is waaay long overdue. Tell me what you think yea? And. It's not Preview "HOME" (Homme) as some would like to say. We don't carry bed linens and scented candles. Hahahaha.

Anyways, for those who missed it, Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2010 just wrapped up. If you didn't get to go, not to worry because all collections can be viewed here>>> stylebible.ph. I have to say, even though I watched each and every single show for the whole 5 days, photographic memory is not one of my strongest points. So even if my notes were filled with legends symbolizing the greatness to the Omygoodness, reviewing them visually is a must. So with the photos there already, going over everything is soooooooooooo convenient.

Okay, with that said, *deep breath*, here we go.

Eloise is chica girl to the max. So effortless and yet pasok na pasok. With a return to clean lines and minimalism, the menswear button down and pleated front tailored trousers are double checks in my book.

Creative Director Patrick Ty in monochromes.

Accented with studded lace up shoes.

Interior designer Nix Alanon not feeling pressured with a relaxed striped tee and cuffed trousers. Of course the eye candy here is the arm candy. PS1 for the win.

Would you believe that the epaulette waistcoat worn by Imagine Magazine Editor Joyce Fernandez is circa 2000 by designer Kenneth Chua?

Still relevant now.

Mond Guterriez in bespoke. Jacket, shirt and jeans all from Vik, Viktor's younger diffusion line. Finished with...

Louboutin sneakers of course.

Liz Uy's Givenchy furry friends.

Madeleine Humphries in graphic body con.

Color and contrasts. Works.


Bub said...

The outfits are so great - I really wish I was there for Philippine Fashion Week! Love your blog!
follow me?
I'm a Filipina fashion blogger from HK

elizar33 said...

bought the June issue of Preview already and it was a treat!!!

love the preview men, hopefully this will be a new magazine...


Couldn’t stop myself from looking at Eloise. Love her pleated front light blue trouser – her look was simple and yet effortless! I wanted to play with Liz’s furry friend haha you looked amazingly chica too. And oh, It was really nice meeting you :)

s t y l e s a m u r a i said...

Hi Bub! Thanks heaps. =)

Hey Elizar, yeah, I'm hoping that that this one issue turns out to be more than just a debut. Here's me keeping my fingers, and toes crossed.

Ram!!! Finally we meet. Haha. Strange being acquainted through our blogs first and then the real world second. Pleasure was all mine though. =)

YekkY said...

Hi Daryl you look sooo pretty in person. I was too shy to approach you ;) With the latest Preview, you guys nailed it once again! I hope you continue Preview Men. Vince Uy and AC did a great job! Weee It was a treat! ;)