Monday, February 22, 2010


It was a visual guy feast at Garage's party at Fiamma. You just have to take my word for it since I didn't want my: "Excuse me, can I take your photo?" be mistaken for a pick up line. Pffffft. As if that's enough witty banter to pique anyones interest. Either that or we were just too distracted by the free flowing booze and I was too lazy to go around and snapparize. We didn't drink that much really, we just ran the bar dry and closed the place down.

We came in our party hearts, err, hats.

And blue seems to be the favorite color. I was actually wondering what we were celebrating. And it turned out to be Manilas hot new things? Or something to that effect. Rey, help me out here. I just got confused coz they also awarded girls too. (For those living under a rock, Garage is a bi-monthly Men's magazine) Designers Boop and Kim Yap in their own creations. Love that cyan color!

Metro Fashion Editor Mela De Luna in an electric blue mini with a lacy bright yellow slip thats too sexy for my love.

Creative-of-all-trades, photog/stylist/artist/designer/blogger Jujiin in asexually asymmetric tunics. I've got to say that Jujiin will always be one of the rarest style individuals in the city. He can even give Japanese people a run for their money. Check his blog here:

Designer Gian tweaking leather for some edgy play on proportions.

Designer Julius Tarog in his reinterpretation of surface contrasts, micro pleats plus shine.

High-Low. Tailored blazer paired with gray sweats.

Chris Cayzer doing preppy.

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