Sunday, February 21, 2010


It's amazing how she works her voluptuous body to full effect in a style that channels glamorous pin up girls. Instead of disguising her body in anti-fit, loose dresses, (which is the predictable and boring choice), she goes to the far extreme by rocking ultra hugging spandex, even going with leopard print underwear that glazes under the sheer top. I love how she finished her whole look with a coif updo, ultra lashes and pale pink lips.

Here's a close up. Flawless finish. Love, love, love it!! Cute Chanel earrings. Absolutely love that hue on her lips. She even has hot red nails going on!

Profile shot of her coif. She is so ready for a fashion ed! =)


Lala said...
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Lala said...

Thanks for this lovely entry! Hope to see you around the Manila streets soon!