Monday, February 1, 2010


What else can I say? Everyone was smashed. Number one box to tick of when throwing a massive "Hey-I'm-21-party". Unlimited booze. Covered. An eclectic mix of celebs, fashion peeps and 'it' girls. Heaps. Nonstop music to sing and dance to. Check. It was heaving! Thanks Mond for a fantastic party! Now if i can only those damn hangover pills.

Above photo by Daniel Tan.
I only took a few photos from my camera which was a bummer. But Mond lent me his album so the last 6 ones are from Daniel Tan. I'm posting all my non-pro ones, (in other words the grainy stylesamurai point and shoot signature), and then the pro's, which you can obviously tell by the soft flash and super clear quality. *note to self: need a better cammy!!!" teehee. Enjoy.

Cheers Mond!

Innerwear as outerwear reinterpreted into a tutu dress. Fashion Editor of the now defunct Marie Claire, Pam Quinones.

H seems to be the letter of the night. Loving those striped knit cuffs giving the tailored blazer a sporty feel. Jigs you are looking haaawt!!

Deep V's spotted on the boys as well, this one with a deeper scoop.

I likey these hi-top boat shoes, its so gwapo.

Architectural heels.

Not just one, but two!!

Makeup maven Solen Heusaff, Hot girl with ink, and Erwan Heusaff in a sporty cowl neck top that I absolutely adore.

Can Georgina be any hotter? Liquid leather body con dress with sheer cutouts and padded shoulders. And those bangles are ferosh.

Sparkles. Pia Guanio.

Shiny tux blazer, shiny bib necklace. I guess they both shine. Tim and Anne.

Body con conference.

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