Tuesday, July 19, 2011


We were so excited, that AC was there at 4, Vince and I were there at 5 and Epoy was there already in the morning setting up because they were one of the major sponsors. Heeh, What's a concert without all your good friends? And ironically, even though we were such nerds beating the traffic and getting there a good 3 hours before the start, we still missed the opening because we were buying beer. Hahahaha. Hoewellz. Not too much of the first part really, just a few minutes prior to this:
Naked guys swimming in a pool. Obviously, Kylie's a gay icon.

But before anything else, rewind to the pre-concert crowd. We had dinner at Cibo, and then went down to the gate to check if was starting on time. Only to find out that most of the Industry was in Adriatico. Kaya pala ang ingay! All the beckys were there.

P.S. I'm so annoyed at how my photos are so uneven! Sorry about that, the cameras new photo size is not compatible with my blog settings hence the reason its all fluctuating. *Cringe* Will fix in my next.

Stylist Pam Q looking ultra hot in a sheer number.
Makeup artist Lala Flores.
Paolo Castro in the first of many shiny, shimmering, glittering sequined outfits worn by fans.
Jujiin echoing the drape sans the shine.
Jake Galvex in Nix Marquez.
Blade runners on AC. They're real too. Chos.
Disco Ball number 2. Pokwang bringing the light of Galadriel. Heeeh.
Okay, atat lang ako to wear my concert shirt. Baket ba! It goes naman with ze outfit. Porchi bought one too while AC and Bincht bought the book--which was sold out by end of the night.
The boys in my life: Bincht (Vince), Doitch (AC), Porchi (Epoy). I have a way of giving my friends pet names.
Gian and Asela
Laureen and more winking shine on Liz.
Vic and Divine
And we were interviewed for Kylie's APhrodite Tour Video. Woooohoooooo!!!
Watch it here in our: 2 seconds of fame.
Last photos before my camera died. Ano buzz.
The End.


Nina Lacson said...

love the photos!! taken with your GF2??

s t y l e s a m u r a i said...

Yes!! My GF2 is the shizzle dizzle.