Sunday, October 5, 2008


When my brother and I got to the party we thought we got the date wrong because there was no frenzied crowd outside of Ascend, (apparently arriving at 9 to an 8pm event was early), but when we entered the club, ayun, it was a long white runway where you have to stand still and pose for all the photographers. And for the camera whores, (which is, i reckon each and everyone of us) it was fantastic fun. B-list celebrity paparazzi moment? Hell yeah, work it.

I was starstruck with Gretchen. She's so pretty.

Stylebible by the way is Preview's online sister but with a totally different group under the masthead. Style bible is helmed by the gorgeous Isha Andaya. If you go to the site, it's like a mirror of the magazine, (though the last time i checked it was full of beauty products and not fashion?) its chockful of fashion, events, shopping and style spotting, But the difference is, of course with it being online, updates come more regularly. One of the clickable drop-down menus that I like is the design directory or the 'stylebible'. Getting in touch with any one of the fantastic local designers has never been so easy. All the contact numbers and addresses of their ateliers are there. So okay, why keep listening to me go yadidadida, mousy on over there and get click happy.

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yvette said...

pretty indeed....sophisticated tast and she looks like tina marestela ocampo...nggiish....heheheheh