Tuesday, October 21, 2008


What would the international fashion weeks be without the Vogue editors? (take your pick be it team Wintour, Roitfield, Sozzani or Shulman) Its like the conundrum: Does a tree make a sound when it falls when there's no one there to hear it? In this case, can a designer be hyped without the support and that elusive nod of approval from the fashion powers that be? Photos could capture a dress but not the swish of the fabric, the way it moves with the model, and that first impact (with intake of breathe) of seeing a new design thats an innovation in fit, fabric, volume, proportions and finish. Because word is, (due to reasons beyond their control), editors from the number one fashion magazine in the country will be seating this Philippine Fashion Week out. The sadness! The front row will be a gaping hole without them. And the new designers hoping to get a break will utterly be dissapointed.

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