Friday, October 3, 2008


Welcome to the old Fluxxe, this is where it's at.
Kid Killy on the decks

Gian in a Margiela top, denim from Topshop, shoes from Halb Japan

Ornusa in a top from 2%, skirt from Luca, Doc Martens, and a bag from Topshop

Adrian in a shirt from Neighborhood, Dickies trousers, Vans Syndicate shoes, Brixton hat, Goro's Necklace, Bottega Veneta bracelet

Paolo in an ukay top, Proud Race PVC leggings, shoes from People are People

Lotho in a waistcoat and printed shorts from Ukay, shoes Fred Perry for Comme Des Garcon

Carlo in his own shirt design, jeans from Topshop, vintage boots, feather pendant from Ann Demeulemeester

Kiko, plaid shirt and belt from Topman, jeans from Dior Homme, vintage shoes

Geoff in his own design, Puma shoes and vintage bag

Ivan in an Ukay top, proud race leggings, Nike shoes

Mike in Cecille Zamora, Adidas shoes

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