Thursday, October 2, 2008


Finally, Ghesquierre came out with a mens collection, and it is HOT! Is Nicolas the new Hedi Slimane in the heydays of Dior Homme? How sharp and sleek are these? LOVE.

More Balenciaga Mens here...


Anonymous said...

holly shit, beyond a rip-off of Hedi Slimane style and proportions.
shameless. not the first time nicolas g is caught in the action. copycat

Anonymous said...

correction. hedi slimane pioneered the narrow slim silhouette with the emphasis on elongating the upper body by a fluid line upper torso. Nicolas on the other focuses on the balenciaga heritage by using the boxy jacket as a starting point. To contrast the proportions a slim straight (not skinny) stirrup pants balances the shape. If hedi is rock and roll, Nicolas is all about intellectualism and technology. So they definitely dont share the same design aesthetic. The only slight nuance Nicolas might have done is using the type of androdynous lean models Hedi often favors. But other than that i dont see anything wrong with advocating the youth as a muse for the mens line. Besides with Hedi gone someone must carry the torch of intelligent design for mens.