Sunday, October 19, 2008


Loving this high waisted trouser that narrows down the ankles, though kathleen is not that tall she pulls off the proportion with a simple tank and cropped waistcoat.
Kathleen in an A&E tank, H&M vest, Zara High waisted harem pants, and Zara ankle boots

Her dress caught my eye even in the dim room of 'that' smoky club. Liking the beaded detail and her choice of faux-fringe footwear.
Caitlin in a Zara dress, and vintage bag and shoes.

KIm in a Topshop figure skater dress, Bebe shoes, necklace from Jo, bracelets and bags from Mango.

Mark in a vintage blazer, shirt from Topman, leggings from SM Dept Store, vintage shoes and bag from Celine

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