Monday, May 2, 2011


Remember I was in Cebu for Holy Week? Well, my brother and I are fond of hunting treasures in Vintage shops. Its not Ukay. It's actually an old department store that got left behind by the times, hence, the products in the shelves are so antiquated that its good condition vintage!

Found this pair of Bally two tone ballet flats for only 2k. But the clincher is, it comes only in a size 5 and 6. Maaaaaaan.
It came in other styles too. I super want the one with the bows!! especially the mustard! But size 6? thats only 3/4s of my feet. Waaah. Gawin ko nalang open-toe. Hihi. Dubious about the authenticity because I never really remembered that Bally was "of Switzerland"--I did some shallow snooping.
And found this in a vintage ad. Ah. Bally OF Switzerland nga pala. Maybe I wasn't born yet. Imagine how old the shoes are! Argh. I want.


Tanya said...

OMG! Which old department store is this? I'm from Cebu! :>

Anonymous said...

Hi, woww, asa ni sa Cebu? I might visit this May!! Excited!! :) Thanks!

mario jr said...

where is this located? i have to check it out here in cebu. :)

Julian said...

I've experienced that, too! Surprisingly enough, our circumstances were extremely similar -- vintage Bally shoes! But, they weren't taken care of, so they weren't worth the 3k! haha.

s t y l e s a m u r a i said...

But. But. Ac will kill me, he says it's our secret! Pinky finger swear. Let me ask him first.