Monday, May 2, 2011


Quiet on the blog front. I know. Waaah. It's hard to lug around a laptop when I'm out of town for press trips, I usually bring the handier iPad. And of course I can't really upload photos to my image host using a tablet. No USB ports for my external drive. Sigh. Imagine how easy everything would be if ipads came with USB ports.

Anyhoo, just letting you know that I'm full to the brim with photos, uploading it later. Just took time off to relax today. Went to S&R because AC had to buy Febreeze, and I bough lint removers (for my styling kit) that was 6 in a pack and it was buy one, take one! Steal! Even had time to go to mass, although don't you just hate it when bad homily's make you zone out? There's a priest in Greenbelt that gives great sermons. Not some dated biblical mumbo jumbo, but relevant stories that we all can incorporate in our lives. But with the insane mercury spike that we've been having, doing anything outdoors is a no-no. So far, it's been air-conditioned churches for the win.

And then there was Thor. Geek out! Growing up with two brothers, I've learned the Marvel heroes from the DC ones at a young age. Thor was the lesser character, it was Captain America who was the star of Avengers. So I was pretty surprised that I loved the movie. Maybe it was the combination of mythical as opposed to some radiation freak that got me. Always was fascinated with the Gods. And I have to say, was not disappointed with Asgard's visualization. It was as I imagined it. And that amber bridge that sparked with the horses hooves. Beautiful. I wonder how future movies are going to depict it? I mean, in 3D it was already awesome. Maybe in the future it will come with sensory experiences? Cool. Of course after the movie, AC and the boyf just went total geek out, talking about Marvel Universe and all the other comic books. Did you guys get to see the teaser at the end of the credits? There's always one. Thors teaser was at the end of Iron Man 2. Anyway, spoiler alert!!! It was Nick Fury with a power cube. Who's the next hero? My guess is it's Transformers. haha. Remember James Earls deep voice in the opening of the Transformers movie: "In the beginning was the cube." Charot. Can't wait for the next!!


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Lhizette C. said...

Wow I didn't know that you and AC like comic book characters. Cool!