Sunday, May 8, 2011


Is there a trend for Taiwanese restos and an obsession for the best Xiao Long Baos? Well, this is the second one I've been to in months. Good too. And it's not the usual Chinese resto decor that comes to mind. Clean lines, Contemporary design--with a whopping three floors.
Heard that reservation is a must because its always full--especially at peak hours. But my chicky Maybz's boyfriend is the owners best friend. So thank you Ellery, for the table and the recommendations.
A table for 12 surrounded by what i can easily call a chain mail curtain.
Of course we had to try the Xiao Long Baos. Sarraaaapppp.
Actually forgot what this dish is called. Pepper beef i think. Its as good as it looks.
But this one takes the cake. That sort of looks half eaten because it already is. Heeh. We dug in before I realized we unconsciously attacked it. Sorry. Its pork with egg. Again, I can't remember what its called but its sooooo good topped on plain rice. Drool.
And i died coz Machang or Stuffed sticky rice is my favorite! AS EN!
Fried shrimps.
And fish that we thought was smothered in garlic-- (Ew. I don't eat garlic kse.) but it turned out to be peanuts pala, interesting texture.
Oh. And word to the wise, leave room for dessert. You have to get this peanut slush/shake/ice cream. Its so good. And its big too, we were 4 but one order was enough.

116 Connecticut St.
Northeast Greenhills, San Juan

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