Monday, May 9, 2011


What Andre asked for his birthday was a surprise party. Parang. Who asks that? Haha. Kaya nga surprise diba? Well, so surprise him we all did. We planned it the day after his actual birthday para no expectations na talaga. Porch said that I should definitely push through with the whole preparation (because I was procrastinating) and Vince suggested that I say its a meeting with a potential project (because AC never comes out). In the end, everything came together with all my friends, and his friends helping out. Thanks guys.

The gang:
Jot, Vince, Nino, Anthony, AC, Enrico, Porch, AJ, Eugene.
<3. AC looked like he owned Mangetsu. Ahihihi.

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Anonymous said...

wow the pics are here!!!!!!:) yippee!!!:) thanks Chipie:) super fantastic party!!!!!:) super touched with the surprise party and the surprise gift:) best year ever!!!!:)love ya lots:)! mwah!!!