Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Tailored Nauticals.
On AC:

On DC:
Cowl dress, BAYO
Sheer skirt, JULIUS TAROG


mario jr said...

awwww... you guys look good together. You both are definitely a fashion powerhouse! Oh. j'adore AC's beard.. ;)

Vee said...

Hello, miss DC! ;) I used to be an intern at Summit Media and I've never seen you in the office too bad for me. Anyway, I always see your pictures in somebody else's blog but at first really didnt mind to google the link for your blog not until I went to the Candie's fashion show which is an opportunity given by Laureen Uy because of her VIP ticket giveaway. Anyway, When the show ended I saw you from a far and I wanted to have a picture taken with you but you left asap. (Too bad take 2) When I got home, I immediately searched for your blog, and I just wanted to say that im insanely addicted to it! Been reading it since the other day 1pm, May 15. (Timecheck: 1:30 am, May 17) I never thought someone like you would be so kalog!! Im a fan girl already!! Haha. Okay, this is too long already. Bottomline is, I love you and your blog!! Hihi. Another addition to my inspiration list. Hope to meet you again someday and get to know you. (HAHA,in my dreams. But dreams do come true!:P) Hope youd be able to read this. :)

Vina Yabut

Vee said...

P.S. Sorry if the sentences arent well constructed on my previous comment. Haha. My words are overflowing at the same time wanted to squeeze it to the smallest amount so it wouldnt look like a love letter. Haha.

PPS. I love your terms like Chaka-roach and CUTE-ecle. Haha.