Saturday, February 26, 2011


Today, well technically, it was yesterday, but lets just pretend it was today. EDSA Anniversary, was expecting insane traffic but amazingly, EDSA was clear without any snarls and the expected gridlocks. Whew. Ambitious schedule, pulling out from two malls. SM Megamall which is right smack at the Revolution center and Power Plant. I have to say, pulling out from SM Department Store needs a good three hours, in the most comfy shoes (which I wasn't wearing by the way) and clear, laser-like focus. It's easy to get distracted by all the cheap finds, and its super sale on lingerie. (Valentines promo?) TMI. But i love lacy underthings. Anyhoo. Another accidental photo opportunity. She caught me while I was sourcing in the Pajama section, (again, why is it always in my most awkward moments? Gah. how unglamorous) but hey--when sourcing for a particular trend, you scour in every nook and cranny. HI to that girl, never even got her name. I might have scared her off too coz I asked her if she even knew me. She mumbled something about Preview. Eeep. Sorry. Was busy deciding between two floral prints that looked the same except for a slight variation of purple. (yes, it does matter).

And after three hours in painful shoes, off to Power Plant to finish all pullouts. Met someone new again while I was in Aldo. Claire? Am I correct? From CSB, thank you for coming up to me and saying Hi. Didn't want a full shot because I never go around in thongs (not the underwear silly, but its Aussie speak for flip-flops) but because I had my nails done in Dashing Diva in this gorgeous shade of melon orange, I wasn't too keen in putting on my boots again--hence, the surprising choice of non-footwear.

Good that I did too because when I got to Zara, their display was this explosion of brights that I sooooper love!! That red oversized blazer has my name on it. Gerald of Zara was there of course, ka collection with his visual display. He styled the whole thing. Love, love, LOVE!! And at least even if i was wearing my uniform of all black, my nails were bang on trend. Its that same shade as the belted tank beside Ge.
Not only is Power Plant easy to navigate (for sourcing and pullouts) because of its convenient size, it also has this pa-kembot na Sartorial Fridays. I wrote about this in my column for Supreme in the Philippine Star a while back. I think its awesome that a mall gratifies your being pagka-fashyown with recognition. Not only do you get your photo taken and uploaded to the Power Plant facebook page.
You get a free movie pass. Sweet.
And even sweeter is hot chocolate with marshmallows to end the day. Nothing like hugs and warm mugs of comfort to ease myself into the weekend. Have a good one guys!

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Julian! said...

OMG Zara! Love!

You know, I'm really guilty of being easily distracted by the cheap stuff in SM. I was in The Block for dinner, then we decided to "check stuff out" at the department store. I ended up getting loads of stuff. Hihihi.

Great post! :)