Friday, February 25, 2011


Today I went to the office because we were shooting Liz's episodes for StarWorld's Behind The Bylines. And as usual when I got to work after lunch, parking in my building was full already. So on to Plan B, which was to park in the mall beside my office and walk the short distance.

I'm used to this routine. Park. Buy a Super Taro Ice from Quickly and walk the 5 minute length, preferably in flats--as I pass through some rough terrain because of an ongoing construction site. What was different from my day today was this guy who came up to me while I was juggling my bags (with no poise AT ALL) coming into the basement mall entrance. He goes:
"Hi, can I have a photo taken with you?"
Till now, this question never fails to surprise, disconcert and dumbfound me. I never really know what to say back. And of course I go:
"Err, why?"
And then he goes:
"I read your blog!."
OHHH! Okay. *huge sigh of relief* and still not contended, I go:
"So what's the name of my blog?", he smiles and says:
Okay, GO! Pose. Picture! Phaakk! Haha. Thanks Ivan for coming up to me and saying Hi. And if I sound suspicious, my apologies. This whole people-recognizing-me takes a lot of getting used to. Because in reality, my work happens behind the spotlight. But I'm sooooper happy that you did. Apparently, we work in the same building, but he's from Accenture, and I'm from Summit. I have readers. Yay!! =)

And at the office, Liz and Vince pretending to not know that I'm taking photos. Heeeh.
Di naman ako na brief na Birthday mo pala mads! haha.
Yes, she comes to the office like dut talaga.

Adidas Giraffe Sneakers. So coot.
Bincht who looks like Nino.
And Liz's pretty assistants: Lissa and Reese.


Iris said...

I once saw you in Rustans Supermarket at Ayala Cebu, but I was too scared to go up to you to say hi. Instead, I hyperventilated near the cornflakes. LOL. I must do an Ivan if I see you again, now that i know you're not likely to bite my head off. :-)

tim(O.o) said...

eeeeep the preview office ,
how tantalizingly glamorous.



Angel said...

Gosh I wish I had a keen eye for fashion like you guys. Some days I just feel so lazy I don't know what to put on myself. Maybe you should do an article 'bout that some time. You know, how to still look good on lazy/ordinary days. Funny, it'll probably take me half a day to score Liz's office look! LOL. Anyway, it's just a suggestion. Nice blog by the way! :)

s t y l e s a m u r a i said...

Hi Iris, there's always next time, I'm sure we'll bump into each other again in Cebu. =)

Hey Tim!

And Angel, yes, I actually did write an article already about dressing down, and how it takes a different kind of art to pull it off. Now if I can only remember the title...