Tuesday, February 22, 2011


If I wasn't blogging last week, it was because we were here!!
Bellarocca, means Beautiful Rock and it channels it's white washed walls from the structures in Santorini. I look too happy here.
The distant mountains remind me of the series Lost.
Golf carts to take us around the terrain, and a welcome necklace of flowers.
We stayed in a two bedroom villa, with this huge king sized bed. I love wooden floors, It always feels so homey. But the clincher to this room is not the spacious size, the bathroom was open-ended. No doors. Vince and I are close pero teeeh, ibang level of intimacy na yun ha!! haha. So what happened was, I had to step out when he's in the loo. And he has to stay in the living room when I'm taking a shower. Uh, hello, medyo akward lang naman kung may utaw sa room habang nasa banyo ka na walang pintuan diba?
Our Villa came with an infinity pool and a jacuzzi.
And a patio for parties.
This is the main pool. Niiiice.
And the lounge area.
The view from one of their one bedroom cliff villas. A sweeping horizon of the Sibuyan Sea. My friend and model Vanessa Matsunaga stayed in this suite when she got married in the island last year. Imagine waking up to this every morning. Siiiiiigggghhhh.
And their beach front.
Another infinity pool at ground level.
And goody bags with Molton Brown products.
And a personalized note from John. Their Director of Sales and Marketing, who I super love coz he took really good care of us while we were there. Thanks again John!! =)

For those wanting to go to Bellarocca, its a 35 minute plane ride to Marinduque via Zest Air which you have to take in the old Domestic Airport. Had to write that because I was googling those details before I left but couldn't find any info. Although when we were about to leave, Bellarocca sent us a complete pre-departure kit, with Airport info, baggage allowance, what time to be there and all those little things that we need not stress about. Pretty impressed if I have to say so myself. They thought of everything!

BELLAROCCA. Island Resort and Spa at www.bellaroccaresorts.com


Tracy Ayson said...

Oh my gosh! One word: BREATHTAKING! kakainggit! :)

Julian! said...

I honestly thought this was in Greece. Nice!

Angel said...

*jaw drops literally on the floor!*


aammiiH said...

Thank you for sharing this! You're amazing!