Monday, February 14, 2011






Happy Valentines! I wrote a Hearts Day inspired article in my column last Saturday, in case you missed it, you can read the full version HERE.

A sneak peek:
"But back to me. It’s a match made in style heaven. Cue eyerolls, I know. But hey, I’m allowed to be publicly cheesy. It’s only once a year on Valentine’s! And to think I was such a big supporter of the “bah, humbug, love sucks” camp when I was single. But point is, (yes, there is a point) I really feel like I need to impart this one true thing—even at the risk of sounding like an annoying self-help book—I would just like to reiterate to all the single ladies: it’s not wrong to be choosy, or picky or to have high expectations. Regardless of what your mom, aunt, great aunt or the mom of your cousin on the far side of your dad (I know how reunions can get if you’re single) thinks. Knowing what you want and not settling for less makes the abstinence well worth it. Because for me, life is more fabulous when you’re with a man who gets it."

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