Monday, September 15, 2008


With no outdoor signage, this unassuming cafe is nestled at the back of a Japanese Restaurant, squeezed in a corner between a spa and a blank wall. My friend and I were craving for sweets after a gastronomic Italian dinner at Guiseppe's. Patterned after the oh-so chic quaint hole-in-the-walls of New Yorks coffee culture, this cafe had that very posh-y feel to it. We ordered twin desserts of mango crepe with nutella and ice cream. (Their specialty) It was yum.

RICAS Cafe, Maria Luisa Road leading to the Gate, behind the Gustavo building, Cebu City


Anonymous said...

gosh.. i should have read this before my cebu trip!!!...u've been to abacca? nice din.. - chirbs

ACgrrrl said...

Chanced upon this've got a great eye for style is all I can say.

Anyway, the front-desk of the Marriott in Cebu recommended Giuseppe's and it was well worth it. Loved everything we ate especially the roasted pork.

Too bad this cafe was too discrete for us to notice!