Monday, September 15, 2008


My friends who I got on the list backed out at the last minute. Got to the Eraserheads Reunion concert at 9:30pm, waited for a parking spot for half an hour, we lined up in the wrong gate and had to go all the way around the field to the other one, and then we got there in time to hear that the concert has been cancelled. I should have just stayed home.

I thought VIP meant no lines? Apparently, that would be SUPER-VIP. Does that only happen in the Philippines?

Theres always a segregation

The crowd

And the usual fluxxe peeps

I wish it was the Glastonbury Festival so I could wear my wellies

But the concert still had a music festival vibe, I see plaids, and Fred Perry's

While the concert was anti-climactic, the skater boys who made the wide concrete walkways of Bonifacio high street their playground couldn't care less.

PS. Thanks to Jaime Hipe and Elmer Lapena!! You guys rock!

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