Thursday, September 25, 2008


Top 3 things that happened at our shoot yesterday.
1. Rainy weather followed us to the location. But I like. Isn't this cozy?

This was how it looked like after the rain.

2. Ryan's camera had a major booboo.

3. And I had a new do'! woop!
Hair by Borge of L'oreal
Maquillage by Omar of Shu Eumura
Photo by

Thats it pansit. I need to get some more shut eye, I feel ill. Going to Fluxxe tonight because my super fabulous rockstar ISSY, aka miss MELISSA DIZON is back from New York!! yahoo!!


Anonymous said...

lurv the hair. im jurlousz. finally a new look!! makes me wanna cut mine and color it in some fab shade of brown. hmmm. go get a fab portrait for facebook

Anonymous said...

Me likey furah.

Anonymous said...

Gosh...i haven't seen you for a long time na. you changed your hair! i've been waiting for that! now there's another reason for me to see you aside from missing you...

DC said...

thanks friends, haha, though you're all anonymous, I'm guessing first one is doitch, second is gillie jeans and third is chirbs. Right?

Anonymous said...

LOL..Yeah, it is Gillie's an easy code ha..'Furah'..haha.