Thursday, September 11, 2008


ARGH, I hate losing my WIFI. 2 weeks without it is like being amputated. I thought when I got back from my quick sojourn to Cebu for my mums 60th birthday, I'd be wireless again. But noooo, had to wait another day and a half for it to be reinstalled. As soon as I got back here to Le Manille, I had to go to an internet Cafe to send my column in and make my deadlines, all that with the wind and the rain in the middle of the freaking typhoon! Boooo. But thank goodness it wasnt a rough flight back even in the middle of this wet season.

The flight going to Cebu was gorgeous though, I've never had an hour of the smoothest, unturbulentest ride ever. (Wish that could happen on a 16 hour flight) Aaaah, the joy of small things. When the trip is this enjoyable, things do look beautiful (and not horribly too far high) at thirty three thousand feet.

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