Monday, September 29, 2008


I've never seen so many bagets in my life! And the screams when Chris Tiu (some college basketball player) entered the room, parang rockstar! Holy crap. I'm always on the lookout for young, promising stylistas, but though there were a lot of dressed up kids, none were really dressed. Know what I mean? I saw one with a full on plaid prom dress with a sweetheart neckline and a 90's style tiered/ruffled skirt (cute!) but when I looked at the shoes, errrm, never mind. As I've said again and again, (kids, take notes) a great outfit can always be ruined by a tacky pair of shoes.

The real rockstar for me that night has got to be DENISE! The hair, the pants, the total look, can anyone say glamour grunge? LOVE IT.
Sequined shirt from proud race, jacket from Topshop, pants from April77, Bag from prada

Channeling Balmain F/W 2008

BJ has been bleeping loudly in my style radar, everytime I see him he's always in an atypical outfit that's not really referenced on anything. Hard to find originals these days, i'm counting BJ as one of the rare few.
Shirt from Pull & Bear, jacket is vintage Armani, jeans from Givenchy (did I hear that right BJ? hard to talk in a club!) shoes from Zara, vintage Bally briefcase from his grandfather

While everyone drinks beer, Princess sips a martini. I likey the hoisery with the tiny small dots.
Vintage top, Zara skirt, hoisery from Divisoria, shoes from Babo, Fendi bag


Anonymous said...

Thanks Daryl!

As much as i'd like to say they're Givenchy, they're Cheap Monday lang hehehehe :)

I blogged about you nga pala :p

DC said...

Hey BJ! aw man, sorry, upgraded to a recorder as opposed to writing all the labels down but still there are glitches! haha, thanks!