Monday, January 16, 2012


I'm never out. My free time is spent on dinner with friends and movies. Ang tanda ko lang ba? okay, don't answer that. But once in a while i do get the itch to dance. And drink. But most clubs are too crowded for me to enjoy so I gravitate towards more quiet places to get my alchohol fix. Pauline invited me to Skye last year on her wedding anniversary and I fell in love with the place. As the name suggests, it's a rooftop bar. Huge too, at the top floor at W at The Fort, its a good alternative to the usual smoky, raucous crowd. Plus it has this astroturf frame that goes around the place, giving it a lawn + country club + rooftop feel. haylaveet.
Ginormous fan. They say that the word Ginourmous needs to be rested. But what to replace it with? Dinosauric? Megalithic? Those sound too off. Well, i could just say that this ceiling fan was really, really big.
And then from no bars to being at Skye successively. That is, when there's a table to spare. I heard weekends are crazily packed! I've only been on week days.
Happy Anniversary mother!
We celebrated Epoy's birthday here also with the O Gang! Next big one will be LIz's Birthday party. Can't wait!!

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