Monday, January 9, 2012


I wish i could remember to take self-portraits during Fashion Week. AC always reminds me to but when he's not there, the need just quietly goes away. It's not really a priority, TBH, I'd rather take photos of other people but then how can I share the talent of local designers to the world? (world talaga?!) So if this post comes with interspersed photos from, alam mo na yown---my twin, not present.

Oh, and I'd like to debunk another fashion fallacy. During Fashion Week, picking the look to go with the day's show is not as effortless as it seems. We don't just wear the first stylish outfit we see in our closet. Planning and preparation goes into each one, going as far as buying pieces months in advance. So if somebody in fashion says, "oh this? It's just something I threw on." He/She's a big fat liar.

Day 2. Is it me or do I seriously need some makeup here? Easing into my first day, technically. Missed the Sunday opener because I just arrived from a week long vacation.
Day 2

Day 3. Channeling a pre-war forties silhouette complete with wide brims and stacked mary janes. I might have been inspired by Evan Rachel Wood with her maroon leather trench by Gucci. I opted for a monochromatic purple instead. I love these tights, they're actually not so obvious in this picture but they're two toned Tabio's from Japan. Colored in front but black at the back. The Mary Janes are from H&M's new Conscious Collection, a range of sustainable and environmentally friendly pieces.
Dress: RONALDO ARNALDO. Hat: ZARA. Tights: TABIO. Mary Janes: H&M. Bag: Lanvin.

Day 4. Nothing speaks editrix more than a finely tailored piece. Plus this one comes with linear windows cut out of it. I remember my heart skipping a beat when it came down the runway. I wanted it so bad that I bought it immediately after the show. Heeh.
Dress and suit: VEEJAY FLORESCA. Clutch: GIVENCHY. Booties: TOPSHOP.

Day 5. An all-black ensemble will always be my most comfortable uniform. I just vary it with shapes, textures and contrasting finishes. Obviously, I'm a big fan of legwear, this one was another treasure bought in Japan. Its rare that I find a piece that comes with a pattern this intricate. It might be from a high street brand, but it's made in Italy---so even if we do have the brand here, I bought it anyway. Paired it with this a cape and a mullet dress. Oh, and those sunnies, they're my ultra favorite. But it finally retired last year when the frame cracked and the lens popped out. Aaaw. It did serve me well.

Day 6
Another monochromatic day, this time with caramel contrasted with metallic hues. One-alls are so comfortable to wear but such a bitch when the toilet calls. Obviously, I suffer for fashion.
Jumpsuit: 388. Cropped jacket: PROTACIO. Silver booties: UNIQUE. Bag: LANVIN
Day 6

Day 7
The boofy was kind enough to attend all the weekend shows with me. Black and white for the win. This outfit is one of my favorites. Love the sheer skirt with the pailleted wing design by designer Xernan Orticio. And the kimono top can work on its own as a short dress.
Kimono top: ARNOLD GALANG. Skirt: XERNAN ORTICIO. Booties: LIMI FEU. Bag: LANVIN. Sunnies: PRADA

Day 8
Sunday is an excuse to go a bit casual and easy so I went in a slitted pencil skirt, tank and cardi, albeit the said cardi comes fully done with gradiated paillettes. It's outerwear thats armor at the same time.
Tank: ZARA. Skirt: ZARA. Cardi: ARNOLD GALANG. Booties: UNIQUE. Bag: LANVIN.
Day 8

The End.


Number Two Lover said...

I love your white outfit!! Please give the items to me when you don't need them anymore :)) And love your Sunday outfit :)

Julian said...

All of your looks are amazing! I especially love the all black and all white ones.

Anonymous said... looked amazing, as always, in every single picture..very furahlicious ;) miss ya!

Anonymous said...

Hi luv,

I abosolutely adore you black leggings from topshop Japan on Day 5. Is this a current purchase? Would like to get my hands on one.


Anonymous said...

miss daryl, i love all of your looks especially day 7 & 8! i had my pic taken with you wearing your day 8 outfit and the cardi was fabulous. your style is a real stand-out! keep it up! :)

xo, kat