Saturday, August 29, 2009


Come in your favorite BLACK Fall trend.
Sounds like a party.

Pauline in sheer. I absolutely LOVE this dress. From the insect collection of Rajo, RumoRodarte!! I could imagine the manual shredding that goes in each piece. Plus the structured shoulders. Rowrness.

Vince in leather.

Francis in tailored and Liz in surface texture.


Jacq in loose trousers, Cit-Cit in a ruffled Jumpsuit.

Bea in bold shoulders+lace.

Hi-Low. A gemstone encrusted ring with a clutch made out of soda tabs.

Omar Ermita in tailored.

Rachelle in ripped leggings.

David and Mai Kauffman.

Ivan in a collared cardi. Love it.

Shell and tassel combo on a bag. Nice.

Eric De Los Santos and Czarina Villa, whose "Palabok" jacket is featured in the cover of Preview's September Issue with Kim Chiu.

CZ!! Haven't seen you in ages!! Ang payat!



Chris. I didn't even know his name was Chris, I soooo wanted to take his photo but my freaking camera died on me. So had to borrow this from CZ's blog Chuvaness.

Puey in a drpaed top by IloIlo based designer Jarrel.

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khaz of beautiful things said...

i love what everyone wore! why o why don't i know about these events.