Monday, August 24, 2009



Love Manila.

Coif. Fab hairstylist Buern Rodriguez who did all the hair in the exhibit. Panalo ka talaga sis!

The guy behind Face 2 Face, star of the night, makeup artist extraordinaire Jake Galvez.

Hair today, gone tomorrow.

Comme lang ang drama.

Liquid shine.

Oooh, chambray, and perfectly tailored trousers.

Tina. Lotho. Rxcy.

Can you believe this is Charisse?

Xtina, tinalbugan mo si Charisse.

If you can't find LV bunny ears...

Flex is just so hot. Ripped grey legging, and chambray again!

Love that old world cigarette holder.


PetitBoyBlogger said...

where do you get those Manila Philippines graffiti shirts? iWANT!!

s t y l e s a m u r a i said...

Hey PBB, its from Rhett Eala, I don't know though if its part of his 'My Pilipinas' Collezione C2 collection, or his own. So you could either try his Atelier, or the C2 branches. =)