Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I usually don't write about personal stuff but then I have to upload this picture of the guy who sort of was our good samaritan when we were there. In a nutshell, my friend and I got locked out of the condo we're staying in, yadidadida, so we had to go check in at the Marco Polo, which turned out to be full. Each and every freaking branch. All along the Harbor strip. Sheft. But then yeah, thats getting way ahead of the story.

Okay, this is me fresh off the plane about to ride the airport express.

And this is me, after 8 hours of being harassed trying to get a duplicate key so we can get in the condo and freshen up. All for nothing. This guy, I'm sorry but I totally lost his business card, (but super duper THANK YOU!) was kind enough to refer us to this new and relatively cheap boutique hotel called Butterfly at the Pratt. (21 Pratt Ave, Tsim Sha Tsui)

Not only is it 5 minutes away from Granville, 10 mins from Harbour City, its right smack in the middle of TST. It's cute, and cozy too.

The loo. Not much to see, I know this is a shitty photo. Haha.

And since I am talking about Hong Kong anyway, I might as well include the highlights. Gecko club, cozy little mexican slash bohemian hole in the wall that's actually included in the Hong Kong Luxe Guide. The DJ, argh, forgot his name, was cool enough to play an hour of Michael Jackson hits. Awesome.

And Grey Goose at Drop.

I know I.T. sells Margiela but what is up with their tagline?

More alcohol at the Beerfest in Lan Kwai Fong. Check out the cute beer mug balloon.

And it's never HK without some authentic street food. Those Sausages wrapped in bacon is. to. die. for.

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