Thursday, June 23, 2011


I super love my new camera. Bought it in Broadway in Harbor City. The Lumix GF2 comes with two lenses, although you can actually choose a kit with one lens (cheaper)--but buying the two lens is more bang for the buck. Here are some snaps that are all taken in natural light. Without any editing. Amazing. And heres another cool function, the GF2 is touch screen, so when I want to focus on a particular subject, it targets that and automatically blurs the background. Can somebody say: Sartorialist? heeeh. I wonder why i held off for so long. The only thing that I'm choosy about is the size and the heaviness, coming from my ixus, which nestles comfortably in my already calculated bag weight, the GF2 feels like a rock when stashed inside my tote that already contains an ipad, a workable makeup kit, my phone and a wallet thats forever getting fat with coins. And i complain about back pain at the end of the day. But. Suffer, because I soooooper love it! Originally wanted to get the red one because the earlier model GF1 didn't have it, but B dissuaded me and convinced me that the white was more me. And yes, it actually is.

Did a double take and thought Team Manila was selling in HK already. Eep. No pala.
Favorite things: Ramen and Curry-in-a-Hurry at the City Super food court.
Hokkaido green tea and cream. To. Die. For. Also in City Super. (Thanks Pen!)
Din Tai Fung in Silvercord.
With their melt in the mouth Xiao Long Baos.
And pork chop rice.
Busog and chubby cheeks. Heeeh.


Izzy said...

ah that green tea soft serve! and that dim sum place in silvercord is one of the best I've ever been to!

Reno Rebamontan said...

Diggin the new camera, Stylesamurai! The colour quality is outstanding :)

Mars said...

Photos look great! New camera must be really good.

Mars of fashion insouciance

Number Two Lover said...

Pretty pics! About how much is the GF2? :)

s t y l e s a m u r a i said...

@Izzy: yes, i concur!

@Reno and Mars: thanks guys and considering it's just point and shoot, with a few little extras. =)

@NTL: i got mine for HK$6990. Which is pretty decent. And Broadway is uniform price all across the board. And it comes with warranty. I got my ipad there too, their price comes out more or less the same as U.S. Pricing, so go for gold!

Angel said...

Ang ganda! Will be more excited in reading your blog now that photos are better :D

Anonymous said...

ohhhh...i so miss you furah! ;)

Chi said...

HI D! it's me chi / chichi / archie / the cat that climbs on walls ( dunno if you remember that joke in the store)

anyway.. EHEM.. saan mo nakuha yung rings?? they are sick!