Monday, June 6, 2011


Teh. Hindi na nakakatuwa mag edit ng photos ha. Pramis. I'm still not done!!!! I still have about three days of PFW to upload.
Duling na akiz.

Its the catching up thats the worse. Every night I say that I'll work on it, and then every night something comes up.
Wed, had that shoot with the other editors and Vince calls me up to ask if I was up to watch the Premiere for X-Men First Class. And I'm like, (valley girl lang): Hell yeah! Even if it was all the way in MOA. And then Thursday comes and I say, yes, i will work on the photos now, but then it was M Barrettos show in 7th High. Of course I had to be there to support. Friday rolls in and I said, this is really is it. But then boing, its movie night again with the buds to watch 'Paul'. Incidentally, if you haven't seen it, its f****n hilarious. I swear, british humor so gets me. Watch it, watch it!!!! Seth Rogan as the alien kills it too. Err, plus the fact that they're comic geeks in that movie on a roadtrip across America to see the alien sights is ultra cool. For our honeymoon, we want to see all the major ancient astronauts sites in Eric Von Daneken's book. Heeh. Love Aliens. Obviously.

And then the weekend? AC had a table in Opus so the whole gang went to drink..bottles of Vodka and Patron dancing to house/hip hop. Haaaaay. Sunday? well, of course it was recovery. But! Still had time to do my nails, Nail Spa in Legaspi! Its the best. Ever had manicurists dig into your toes making it bleed? I. Hate. That. Nakakainit ng ulo!! Well, at Nail Spa, all the procedures are done with a touch thats as light as a feather. Nakatulog nga ako eh.When i woke up, I had gleaming Le Vernis by Chanel coat my hands and feet. Its a gunmetal gray/green hue that resembles molten concrete. Coolnest!

So there, now that you know how my week went, maybe you can forgive me for not posting any since Wed. Start of the week again and its back to school for most of the kids. Have a good one y'all. As for now though, its tuck into sheets time. Goodnight.


Julian said...

Oh my god, I loved Paul. Being both a Star Trek and Star Wars nerd, I was in heaven. And Simon Pegg is my hero! Haha. Your honeymoon plans sound amazing, by the way.

fashioneggpplant said...

i know what you mean, it can sometimes be really tough updating a blog daily! :)