Tuesday, January 11, 2011


My third resolution of the year:
blog more regularly. And since there's a shortage of photos from events, (theres none yet this year, so far), you guys will have to do with wardrobe diaries. Heres one of me trying to look ethereal. Hahahahaha.

Whats your fashion resolution? I'd like to know. =)


Daryl said...


Angel said...

good to hear you're going back to blog regularly! ^_^ i've checked this out ever since it was featured in an issue of Preview some years back, if you remember.

Kookie B. said...

I'm so glad you're back to blogging, Daryl! I can now officially put your blog in my blogroll. Woot!

s t y l e s a m u r a i said...

Hey yes. I will blog, *fingers crossed*, I've actually missed it and forgotten how much fun it could be. Minus the stress of resizing photos and uploading it to the photo host, but yeah, good times! kookie! How are you? Haven't seen you in a while! And hi Angel! thanks for checking in!

Kookie B. said...

I'm great! Yes, I haven't seen you around in past events/parties. Hope to bump into you one of these days.