Saturday, January 22, 2011


"We LMFAO we rock the beat and rock the show
Move yo' feet onto the floor start the freak and drink some mo'
Scenester lang. Haha, But wait! I'm getting way ahead of the story. Let me rewind to how i got into the LMFAO show in the first place.
It was the launch of the Ralph Lauren Big Pony Collection at the Art of Scent in Resorts World. Martin of L'Oreal emailed me a week ago to say that there was an after party nga featuring LMFAO. And silly me, I thought that it was their second time here. (Now why'd I think of that?) so I wasn't too keen in seeing them. (choosy?) But really, I'm such a nerd because I still RSVPd. Heeh. Apparently, tables were sold out last December pa. Say what?

Anyhoo, yes, the Big Pony collection. 4 scents that came neatly color coordinated.
And here are the packages. Chowst.
4 personalities that embody each of the scents. Choose your own adventure!
Blue is a refreshing sporty tonic, (Rob Wilson)
Red is a sexy intriguing blend, (Daniel Matsunaga)
Green is an adventurous adrenaline rush, (Rich Herrera)
and Orange is a cutting edge styling mix. (Mike Concepcion)
And no, Im not talking about the power rangers but I do think though that it was a great choice in the casting.
RL Big Pony Stacked
Heres Mike when he's not brand Ambassador-ing. Love those garterized cuffs on the khakis. Its from Topman.
Break my style Laureen Uy.



New York Photgrapher Danilo Hess.

Carlos in an ombré denim jacket.
IMG_5265 test





And after street stalking, it was time to heave on the dance floor! Thanks Martin for the tickets! I actually had one extra. Oh Wellz. I tried taking photos like diiiz... But then can it get any blurrer?

So I took videos instead. Wanted to post it here but my internet connections all flaky, hence the upload timing out every time I'm 48 percent in. Multiply that by the 6 times I've tried restarting the upload and it stopping halfway-- I'm just about to go out of my mind. So till those get to a 100 percent. Photos will have to do.

Pout, Pout, Peace. Out.


Juddy F. said...

Medyo nakakaloka pala ang fossil ni Kuya LMFAO.

Bub said...

Oh my gosh is that LMFAO? AHHHH Thats awesome! Always love your pictures!

One Love,