Thursday, January 13, 2011


What did I do today?
11am. Checked out my friends newly turned over condo unit at the fort. I really can't live in a high rise. I feel like all those floors above me would squeeze me to death, and don't even start on the earthquakes.
100pm. Had a feast at Eat Well for lunch, you guys need to seriously try their Hot & Sour soup. I usually end up adding vinegar or soy to others, but theirs is just perfect!! Try the fried eggplant with stuffed shrimp and the eggplant in hot pot. Oh, and did i mention the eggplant? Heeh.
300pm. Office for the weekly update meeting with the Preview team. So far, so good. Saw two fashyown girls wearing maxis in different reinterpretations. Will post soon, after it comes out in my column in Supreme.
700pm. Product shoot for my pages. @.@
1100pm. Home sweet home.

I need a long vacation. Again. With me and AC just goofing off. Like that photo up there. Hmp. Still no events. Which means no new photos. Maybe tomorrow would yield new visual crops. Ladida. Goodnight.


Liz C. said...

That photo of you and AC is adorable!

CJSUPERB said...

Missing your entries Daryl! x Post more soon x