Monday, December 7, 2009


It's become our tradition, The Syquia Party. 4th Year now. Thank goodness we had the lights on this time. The difference this year? There was a queue at the lobby, where entrance was even stricter than velvet rope access to clubs. If your name wasn't printed on THE guest list. Sorry. No entry.
And its easy to understand why its the party to be in on the first Saturday of December, open units, with each apartment offering unlimited booze and their own individual party with music and DJs. It's like a building housing small clubs with different genres of ear candy. And the demographics? An eclectic mix of young and old, Pinoys and afams, artists and corporates, creatives and the normies. Interesting people. And with the copious amount of alcohol intake, everyones pretty much friends.

Blue lights and DJ Caliph8 at Carlos's.

I first saw Jim in Wynn Wynn's launch of her Ages collection in Firma. And I never forgot his outfit: an orange exaggerated collar shirt accessorized with his gigantic cross pendant paired with metallic earth colored trousers. And shoes that sort of looked like it could kill. And the only thought in my mind was, KARAKTER! loveeet. Wasn't able to take a photo that time, but when I saw him last night, ay. naman. Wa na wasting time, went up to him and asked him straight out if i could do some snapparazzi.

I think he looks like an elegant vampire with the red and blacks.

Quilted waistcoat and brocade trousers. Both bespoke.

And fabulous rings, he collects them.

And shoes that could kill. Even the monkey doorstop agrees.

Vintage florals at number 32.

And afams that take their shirt off to show off their ink.

And on the other side too.

Bumped into CZ. Tried taking her photo (siguro mga 5 standing ones) but it was all blurred!
CZ: This has been our tradition, we always take each others photos here, same spot, same apartment.
DC: Oo nga.
CZ: Pero my photos are clear, sa yo ang labo. Magpalit ka na ng camera girl!
DC: Nyaha. Trots. Ay, talaga, Next time.

But, This one sitting down and candid was a bit clearer. Fierce shoes as always.

And this one taken in a brighter spot by her Dr. friend. Thanks CZ! Hehe.
"All the cool girls smoke."

"I wake up every morning and thank God for my ability to accessorize."

Mich, back from London.




And some afam wanting to try on AC's denim vest.

Testing to see if he can fly. Hahaha.

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