Monday, December 28, 2009


Who would have thought that I'd see this here in Cebu, of all places in a hospital. There is style hope in the province after all!! Ugh, sorry, blogger instinct did not at all kick in at 11am walking out of the doctors office. About to get inside the car when I spotted this girl with the Alexander Wang Studded Bottom Coco Duffel. Though at least I had the small window of time to say "nice bag, is that an Alexander Wang?" haha. Well, that smile she had that I recognized her arm candy was enough i guess. I love obscure unscreaming handbags that only those in the know, know. So it was to much anguish and a Head to wall moment that I seriously regretted not taking a photo of her. Well, if anyone knows her, can you tell her i want a snapazoid of her and her bag, complete with her espadrilles, floral tunic and plaited hair. Hmp.


Anonymous said...

Err, that's a Rocco Mini Duffel. Check your sources, "fashion blogger".

vivapinay said...

I love this bag!

Anonymous said...

i think i know that girl... is she chinky-eyed and a lil round on the face? with long, wavy hair?