Thursday, November 5, 2009


5 things you have to do when you're in Macau. Aside from gambling and ogling/photo ops at the Venetian (that gets pretty tired fast), I was pretty amazed that Macau had more to offer.
Thanks Charina and Joao for taking us around! =)

1. Explore the side streets. I actually felt for a moment that I was in Europe.

2. Try the cuisine, Macau is a blending of East and West with strong Portugese influences. So it's no surprise that Portugese restaurants sit side by side with Chinese and Macanese ones.

Portugese sausage. Roasted not grilled.

Bacalhau.(Portugese) Don't even try to be the spell police, they really write it like that.

Giant chili shrimps. (Macanese) And when I say giant, its massive. Its as big as that fork! See?

Pissing Prawns. (Traditional Chinese Tai Pai Tong dish or street hawker) It's seafood that's unique and only available at Coloane island.

It's taste and texture is a cross between a crab and a shrimp. And you have to cut the shell with scissors. Odd. But soo good.

3. Watch the show at the "Bubble" in Macau's newest development: City of Dreams. 360 degree animation. It's. So. Cool.

4. Go to Macau tower and watch people Bungee Jump. The tower is 10th tallest, but the bungee platform is the highest. let me repeat that, THE HIGHEST, in the world.
The guy before this one flaked. And the fee is non refundable. You either do it, or you don't. This guy though, must have some serious issues. No hesitation.

And thats how high it is. From the ground. Mother.

And after doing the jump, you can celebrate here. The food choices at the revolving resto was actually pretty good. And it didn't make me dizzy at all.

5. Watch Cirque Du Soleil at the Venetian.

The show is called Zaia. Sooo amazing.


Here's my hotel room, Sofitel, Macau at Ponte 16. The bed is fitted with Sofitel's signature "MYBED". You lie on it and you're zonked. Completely. Never really get good rest at hotels but this one was the exception.

And you thought my room was indulgent, Sofitel has 19 high end units in the aptly called "The Mansion"
With stingray skin covered wardrobes.

And opulent decor to the point of "pimp my room" levels.

Wynn Hotel on the other hand, doesn't take any chances. Move anything and it's automatically charged to your account.

Hard Rock Hotel has these quirky pseudo instrument boxes as toiletry cases.

And at the high rollers suite, a rodeo ring right smack in the middle.

And a bed big enough to accommodate the rockstar and all his groupies.

I like the studded exterior walls of the suite.

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