Thursday, November 5, 2009


I lliked the color scheme backstage, but wanted to see it on the models. But was a bit disappointed that the show's concept--albeit directionally good, stole the limelight from the clothes. I was anticipating what the models were going to do next as oppose to checking out the pieces. Too much of a good thing? Or was the concept a counter balance to how understated the clothes were? Don't get me wrong, the collection was very clean, tailored, beautiful, wearable and I liked it, but it lacked the oomph and the iconic pieces that Jerome had in his last collection. I was expecting to be blown away, instead it was more of a lukewarm reaction. What do you think?

Fashion misstep.

The designer revealed.

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Anonymous said...

you have a point there. too much drama or too much conceptual artsy fartsy can sometimes overpower the clothes especially if the clothes are this simple. choreography, even if it's out of this world, should always enhance the clothes because at the end of the day, a fashion show is all about the clothes. otherwise, we'd rather watch theatre.