Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I imagine... ( insert cool caption here ).

To all College enrolled pseudo writers and opinionated poets out there, you think what you're saying could be the next big IT slogan?
You think you could write what could be the new creative word play splattered on specially produced Folded&Hung hoodies like these...

Your words emblazoned in print. On a Shirt. Worn by people. And thats people you don't even know.
If this makes you go hmmmmmm. Then mosey on over to SAMSUNG IMAGINE and choose from these genres: LOVE, WORK and PLAY and then pen your original Shakespearean masterpieces by completing "I imagine____________________________________." Easy yeah?

And if that's not incentive enough, theres also prizes! Yay!
*Taking a deep breathe* Individual winners (one per category) will take home exciting prizes such as P30,000 cash, the Samsung Corby mobile phone, Samsung ST500 Dual LCD Camera, Samsung CLP-315 printer, Samsung LapFit LD190G monitor, 5 Samsung “I Imagine” hoodies to keep or giveaway, and P10,000 worth of gift certificates from Folded & Hung. Likewise, the schools of the respective winners will each receive a Samsung LCD monitor. *Whew*

So. Go. Imagine. Now.

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