Friday, April 17, 2009


I can't remember the last time all three Editor-in-Chiefs of the major local glossies were in one stage. I would have expected a scene, but it was all pretty mellow. Had to take a picture for documents sake. Carla Sibal of Mega, Katrina Holigores of Metro and Pauline Suaco-Juan (in Jasmine De Milo) of Preview. I don't know about those patterned tights on the host though. I find it way too distracting. Ngur.

Embellished blazer for the win!
Isha Andaya of in a Joey Samson jacket, Topshop tank and PVC leggings, Report Signature shoes.

I met THE BAG HAG herself, and found her really nice, effortlessly pretty and so Ɯbersophisticate. Winning combo if I say so myself. Ingrid in a BCBG LBD, Celestina clutch and pumps from HK.

And of course I was riveted by the pattern of his trousers, a reworked dhoti thats pseudo flat front trouser? Wotever it is, me likey. Joey in a Margiela shirt, Paul Smith belt, Lanvin sneakers, Trousers his own design and Karine Arabian bag.


Noelle Chantal said...

ganda ng blazer ni Ms. Isha. reminded mo of the DIY blazer from childhood flames. :)

s t y l e s a m u r a i said...

Yeah, love its too.