Friday, April 17, 2009


Are hot. Jeans are waaaaaaay too clingy for the summer. Bring out your khakhis and chinos and cuff them ala these boys in the know.
Mark in Tsumori Chisato buttondown, U2 trousers, Trusardi wingtips and bag from Korea.

Franco in a Russian Hat from Germany, (hmm, Russian but in Germany?), Topman shirt, Costume National trousers, thrifted shoes.


Edrick said...

i cuff mine too but my mom thinks it looks like magsasaka-ish. what to do!? :-)

Noelle Chantal said...

i like the thrifted shoes of Franco. they both look chic with those cropped trousers. nice!

s t y l e s a m u r a i said...

Hey Edrick, aw, that sort of puts you in a tight spot yea? Nobody said fashion was easy. The ratio of those who care to break the conventional mode as oppose to those who don't is, what? 10/90? (or even less!) That's why Cathy Horyn says that Fashion is an oligarchy, it is ruled only by a chosen few. So if you think you can rock it, rock it without any apologies. And if mum still doesn't agree. You can always direct her to mens =)

Edrick said...

HAHAHA i agree!