Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Weird, I can't seem to publish comments. Must be some sort of a bug.

But on another note, this picture just made my heart stop. Right?

A meeting yesterday in between couture shows (sooo Editrix!), requested by Anna to discuss how France can better support fashion. Isn't that a pseudo slap in the face for Carine though? Shouldn't that request come from the Paris's Vogue Editor herself? Just a thought.

"French Minister Estrosi has plans for a state-owned bank to offer financing for fashion start-ups, with more details to come by the end of March; the state will act as loan guarantor. “I want Paris to remain the world's capital of fashion. Today, we need people to share the risks.”
He also pledged to Wintour that he will relax the country's 35-hour work week for fashion house employees who need to work twice that amount in the weeks leading up to the fashion shows. And a master's degree to help French students compete with peers who attend schools like Central St. Martins is being developed."

Read it HERE.

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