Thursday, January 28, 2010


In a totally unrelated style entry, I'd just like to share that there's a Johnny Rockets in Eastwood! For those who love and crave their malt shakes, you don't have to go to Melrose to get it.

Though a bit pricey at 250++ an order, it's still sinfully thick and yummy. I'd go for the Vanilla as their strawberry, well, is not really real strawberries. It comes in that glass with a steel shaker for the extra amount that can't fit. Shared it with the boyfie and still couldn't finish it.

The booths come with a personal chookbox, Piso for a song. May nabibili pa pala sa piso.

I'm a huge chili con carne fan, theirs was a bit on the salty side, but di ako choosy. The chicken fingers are tasty.

Burgers are huge but bland. Sorry, it's still Chillis for me. Their burgers are TDF.

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