Monday, June 15, 2009


PFW's first day of style denizens. Sadly, I only went on the opening, and on Sunday. But fashion for these few requires no apologies as they rock my socks off.

Moi Moi in an 80's inspired motorcycle jacket with asymmetric zip. jacket from Rodrique, Trousers from Rodriguez de Alba, Gucci shoes.

Julius Tarog in fellow local designers, safari jacket from M Barretto, trousers from Marlon Rivera, Vintage boots.

How can you not love fashyown couples? I heart Mai and David! Mai in a top from Hong Kong, Zara skirt, Aldo shoes. David in a jacket from Thailand, People are People jeans, Karim Rashid sneakers.

Oooh, are they acid washed high waisted harems? I likey. Ghia in Mara Reyes harems, top from Tiangge, shoes from HK.

Danielle in a bustier dress from Rainbow Bazaar, shoes from Zara, Chanel bag.

Project Runway Season 1 contestant Mara Reyes in a top bought from a Bazaar, waistcoat from HK, leggings from department store.

Who says wakeboarders only have style in the water? Rocking that 70s jumpsuit girl! Onesie and shoes from Forever 21.

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CJ CRUZ said...

holla daryl :)!SHOES were by MAco custodio ;-)