Friday, June 5, 2009


Something worthy to watch on the first day of Philippine Fashion Week. Thank God.
Went backstage to preview his clothes before the show, and I labs eeet.
Well, here's something other blogs won't have (I reckon), A review, highlights of the collection, close ups, detail shots and backstage views. Enjoy.
Runway Photos by Noel Pabalete.

I heart his menswear too.


yves said...

Hi DC!

ALTHOUGH i agree these are really hard-core chic style clothes (kudos to Marlon Rivera!), but i hate to say this. I just couldn't stand memory of comparing these to some European pieces!

Jo Ann's & other girls' set are so R. Cavalli FW09
the metallic mauve jumpsuit rings MaxMara SS09
AND the guys' cowl-necked dress shirts totally scream Dior Homme FW09

watchuthink? is originality already sacrificed here?

Who dare cares? but i'm just (sartiorally) concerned.

ADORE your band jacket at F.Week btw!

unless you want to, u dont have to post this ;)

much love!!

b for bhisan said...

great pieces. very different from the usual collections i see from philippines.

b for bhisan said...

and i want to know who is this model ?

thanks :D

Edrick said...

winner! i can't wait to see how magazines would work these lovies out. and oh @ 6th photo, bruna isdatchu? ♥

YeK said...

Wow Backstage. Inggit ako! ;-P

YeK said...

Gorgeous Heels. I want one. ;-)

Candy Doll said...

I am inlove with the clothes and shoes!

Eva Ana said...

i think some of these dresses could compare with top designers, but they are a biiiit too much go with the fashion.

grey is in. thats why i dont wear it